Kyvio for Agencies, a match made in heaven

Massively increase your customer's lifetime value (LTV)

Don't overwhelm your customers with all products & services you offer directly when you start working together. Show them you understand their entrepreneurial journey by offering your best solutions when they run into the problem your solution solves!

How can my Agency benefit from Kyvio?

Our platform offers a lot of different functionalities but its main purpose is to increase your customers' LTV by offering the right solution at the right time in their company’s lifecycle.

At the same time by doing this, your conversions will also improve and thus your sales and revenues will increase as well. The foundations of the concept Kyvio is built upon is explained further down this page.

What if my Agency only has 1 service or product?

The Kyvio platform also offers Smart Memberships - a member's area is the perfect add-on for any agency. You have the knowledge and you can convert this to a membership product or multiple products to teach your customers what you know and use the done-for-you (pr done-with-you) service you offer as your high-ticket item.


This allows you to serve many more customers and scale without the need to drastically scale your team as well.

Kyvio is perfect for businesses who:

Run agency to sell products and services

Have at least $25,000 monthly revenue

Are into B2B service

Trusted by over 2,500+ companies to automate their marketing

Create logical & adaptive sequences for emails, funnels, websites, & more!

Deliver simple or complex sequences to increase sales, build customer loyalty, or drive the results.

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Smart Journeys

Offers the right solution to the problem your customer will soon experience or is already dealing with. Basically, send them to the right funnel at the right time. It allows you to create adaptive journeys over a large time frame.

Smart Funnels

Allows you to create the fastest-loading, flat file funnels to help guide your customers through stages of awareness to persuade them to subscribe or purchase.

Smart Products

Delivers your digital products and sell your service & products exactly how you see fit and of course manage your orders and customers.

Smart Memberships

Allows you to create a beautiful membership site with all the freedom you need to style it exactly to your needs. Creating products, modules & lessons is super easy and of course fully responsive.


"I recommend Kyvio to everyone, especially to those who want to start an online business and apply various internet marketing strategies from creating squeeze pages to membership sites.


What I love most is that I can own so many squeeze pages without having to buy many new domain names because I can set them up on Kyvio. You will save a lot of money getting mostly all the solutions needed by investing in Kyvio.


Kyvio also has a superb support team so you need not worry if help is needed, they always take care of you with kindness. Thanks to Neil, Steven and the whole team!"

Nur Ain Hassan

Internet Enterpreneur & Founder,


"We were lucky enough to purchase a lifetime license and am VERY glad we did as it has and will save us a ton of $$.


The online world can be daunting and Kyvio makes it really easy for newbies (like me) to get professional easy to use funnels live and produce $$$. I loved the ability to create 1 funnel and then share it with others in the team - saves heaps of work.


The support team is second to none - exceptional, always willing to help, and goes the extra mile."

Tim Meredith

Natural Stem Cell Nutrition

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