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Massively increase your customer's lifetime value (LTV)

Education is going through massive disruption, many (big) (tech) companies don't care at all or a lot less about that Diploma. Digital education will be a 33.2 billion USD industry by 2025.


The biggest problem businesses in this space face is that people buy but don't consume their content, which leads to churn and low LTV's. Kyvio's Smart Memberships is built from the ground up to engage with your members/students, and pull them back in when they are in danger of abandoning the course content.

How can my Digital Education business benefit from Kyvio?

Our platform offers a lot of different functionalities but its main purpose is to increase your customers' LTV by offering the right solution at the right time in their company’s lifecycle.

At the same time by doing this your conversions will also improve and thus your sales and revenue will increase as well. The foundations of the concept Kyvio is built upon are explained further down this page.

What if my Digital Education business only has 1 product?

Our Smart Memberships works perfectly for just 1 product or any quantity of products. However, to use the full power of the Kyvio platform, we recommend creating multiple products based on the business lifecycle phases as explained in the video below.

Kyvio is perfect for businesses who:

Sell training and courses

Have at least $25,000 monthly revenue

Are into B2B service

Trusted by over 2,500+ companies to automate their marketing

Create logical & adaptive sequences for emails, funnels, websites, & more!

Deliver simple or complex sequences to increase sales, build customer loyalty, or drive the results.

Watch How It Works

Smart Journeys

Offers the right solution to the problem your customer will soon experience or is already dealing with. Basically, send them to the right funnel at the right time. It allows you to create adaptive journeys over a large time frame.

Smart Funnels

Allows you to create the fastest-loading, flat file funnels to help guide your customers through stages of awareness to persuade them to subscribe or purchase.

Smart Products

Delivers your digital products and sell your service & products exactly how you see fit and of course manage your orders and customers.

Smart Memberships

Allows you to create a beautiful membership site with all the freedom you need to style it exactly to your needs. Creating products, modules & lessons is super easy and of course fully responsive.


"Joining Kyvio was the best decision I ever made!

Being brand new to the online space with zero tech skills, the support I have received from the Kyvio team has been priceless. I’ve been able to ask questions with instant replies as I’ve fumbled my way through the process of taking my Health clinic into the online world and this is something I would not have been able to do if it wasn’t for the amazing support and help along the way.

So a huge thank you to Neil and the team for an outstanding product and an exceptional support team!"

Stacey Foat

CEO, Balanced Babe


"Kyvio is the state of the art platform that we use for our business on a daily bussines and has become an integral part for running it!

Support is unlike anything out there. I would highly recommend Kyvio to anyone who is serious about getting results."

Tom Oganessian

The Wise Choices Network

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