Kyvio for Productized Service Business is your Stairway to Growth

Massively increase your customer's lifetime value (LTV)

Productized Services are made to scale - Kyvio helps you do exactly that! Productized services are served by having many levels of service at different prices, however, offering more than 3 lowers conversion rates... The solution? Offer the different packages using a staircase strategy using Kyvio's Smart Journeys!

How can my Productized Service benefit from Kyvio?

Our platform offers a lot of different functionalities but its main purpose is to increase your customers' LTV by offering the right solution at the right time in their company’s lifecycle.

At the same time by doing this your conversions will also improve and thus your sales and revenue will increase as well. The foundations of the concept Kyvio is built upon is explained further down this page.

What if my Agency only has 1 service?

Even if your productized service business only has 1 service, that 1 service will have different price levels with different levels of service. Each pricing level comes with its own unique selling points, offering all your different price levels at once has proven to lower conversion rates as it confuses your customers. So instead, use Kyvio's Journey builder to offer the right pricing level at the right time to allow your customers to grow WITH you.

Kyvio is perfect for businesses who:

Provide services as business products

Have at least $25,000 monthly revenue

Are into B2B service

Trusted by over 2,500+ companies to automate their marketing

Create logical & adaptive sequences for emails, funnels, websites, & more!

Deliver simple or complex sequences to increase sales, build customer loyalty, or drive the results.

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Smart Journeys

Offers the right solution to the problem your customer will soon experience or is already dealing with. Basically, send them to the right funnel at the right time. It allows you to create adaptive journeys over a large time frame.

Smart Funnels

Allows you to create the fastest-loading, flat file funnels to help guide your customers through stages of awareness to persuade them to subscribe or purchase.

Smart Products

Delivers your digital products and sell your service & products exactly how you see fit and of course manage your orders and customers.

Smart Memberships

Allows you to create a beautiful membership site with all the freedom you need to style it exactly to your needs. Creating products, modules & lessons is super easy and of course fully responsive.


"The Kyvio platform is the best choice I have made in online business venture. I help many business owners every day by building funnels in Kyvio - enabling them to earn more money in their business.

I have found that Kyvio is the real platform on the market that is truly "all-in-one" - and that Kyvio has the world's best support and educational training."

Ebbe Lind

CEO, Dansk LaesePraktik


"As someone who is not that technical I need an all in one program that is easy to use and produces great results. Kyvio does exactly that for me.

The pages I have made have been quick to make and I have got some great results using them in my funnels. As well as the simplicity of the program the people behind it are superb.

They have the right balance of commercial drive, technical skills and support is second to none. I'm really glad I made the decision to invest in Kyvio"

William Stewart

CEO, Premier Consultants

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