Kyvio for Software businesses, including fellow SaaS companies

Massively increase your customer's lifetime value (LTV)

The secret of a Successful SaaS business with a huge valuation is to offer the right solutions to your customers at the right time in their (business) lifecycle.

How can my software benefit from Kyvio?

Our platform offers a lot of different functionalities but its main purpose is to increase your customers' LTV by offering the right solution at the right time in their company’s lifecycle.

At the same time, by doing this, your conversions will also improve and thus your sales and revenues will increase as well. The foundations of the concept Kyvio is built upon is explained further down this page.

What if my company only has 1 product?

Most products solve multiple problems and thus that would not be any problem, the selling of your software does NOT stop when your customer is through the door and bought access to your software. Most software companies make this mistake and hence deal with higher churn and lower LTV values.

What if my product only solves 1 (main) problem?

Even if your software only solves 1 principle problem (1 problem, 1 solution type of software) your software will have multiple features. So to decrease churn and increase your customer LTV, you should focus on selling and reinforcing the power of each of your features.

Kyvio is perfect for businesses who:

Sell software as a service

Have at least $25,000 monthly revenue

Are into B2B service

Trusted by over 2,500+ companies to automate their marketing

Create logical & adaptive sequences for emails, funnels, websites, & more!

Deliver simple or complex sequences to increase sales, build customer loyalty, or drive the results.

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Smart Journeys

Offers the right solution to the problem your customer will soon experience or is already dealing with. Basically, send them to the right funnel at the right time. It allows you to create adaptive journeys over a large time frame.

Smart Funnels

Allows you to create the fastest-loading, flat file funnels to help guide your customers through stages of awareness to persuade them to subscribe or purchase.

Smart Products

Delivers your digital products and sell your service & products exactly how you see fit and of course manage your orders and customers.

Smart Memberships

Allows you to create a beautiful membership site with all the freedom you need to style it exactly to your needs. Creating products, modules & lessons is super easy and of course fully responsive.


"Love how easy to use Kyvio's funnel builder is! Combine that with email autoresponder and WP like blog builder - you have very important applications needed in any business. Great software. 5 stars."

Abhi Dwiedi

Founder/Director, Vega6 Webware Technologies LTD



"I was one of the first users of Kyvio and fortunate enough to get the lifetime license, and since day one all I saw was the raw potential and the big development on the software, with a lot of improvements that kept on coming!

I knew Steven and Neil, thus I was sure they would keep improving the platform and make it even better.

If you're hesitant about it, don't think further, just do it. Kyvio is very easy to use and has a lot of features that will give an incredible ROI."

Leonardo Wolff

CEO, Pine3Media - Sao Paolo, Brazil


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