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We at Kyvio love Paypal!


Paypal is one of the most commonly-used online payment systems in the world. Not just that, it is also part of Kyvio Checkout which means Paypal has deep integration with Kyvio!


Our Kyvio to Paypal integration offers many options to smooth out the billing and payment process between you and your clients.

What can Kyvio + PayPal do?

  • Enable one-time payments

  • Enable recurring payments

  • Enable trial options on recurring payments

  • Enable bump offers (Cross-selling)

  • Save leads on cart abandonment

  • Cancel subscriptions

  • Refund one-time payments

  • Refund double-billing transactions

  • 1-Click upsells and downsells for your funnels

  • Can be integrated with other payment processors like Paddle and Stripe

  • Set up coupon codes either on a percentage or fixed amount

  • Disable blacklisted customers from buying


Smart Products

Kyvio Checkout

Receive payments via Stripe. Deep integration, including refunds, etc.


Smart Products

Kyvio Checkout

Receive payments via Paddle. Deep integration, including refunds, etc.


Smart Products

Use Zaxaa to receive payments.

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