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Quick Kajabi Review

Kajabi is a SaaS platform for marketing, selling, hosting and delivering your information products (audios, videos, and text documents). 


The content is offered through a templated basic process - a video squeeze page, a sales page to actually offer the product and then a membership community area where the information product is presented.


The steps are pretty simple and straightforward - you create the content that is then placed and hosted on the platform. Kajabi also helps you host your online events where you market the products, as well as help you manage the sales process.


Here is the list of Kajabi’s features:

  • Unlimited Courses & Pages

  • Private Courses

  • Page templates & widgets

  • User Roles

  • Communities

  • Sales Analytics

  • Integrations

  • Offers & Coupons

  • Funnels

  • Global Payment Gateways

  • Email marketing

It is said that all entrepreneurs can use Kajabi, but the platform is specifically designed for creating, selling, and marketing online courses. 


What makes Kajabi an interesting jumping board for new entrepreneurs is that it covers many basic needs to get started:

  • Analytics
  • The webinar and live event feature
  • Trials
  • Pricing options
  • Integrations of memberships, landing pages, and online courses


So, Kajabi’s user base is mostly made up of starting entrepreneurs, educators, musicians, craftsmen, and more.



Kyvio vs Kajabi

Kyvio is a highly efficient marketing tool created with the intention of helping established and savvy business owners improve their Online Customer Journeys and scale their business.


On the other hand, Kajabi is a business tool for content creators who are trying to launch their information product business.


Kajabi is one of the best-reviewed tools in the sales automation and learning management industry.


As such it is great for creating and marketing online courses, coaching businesses, and membership sites.


Kyvio simultaneously offers membership sites through its Smart Membership module, as well as much more advanced features. Its editor gives unprecedented creative freedom to edit your membership site pages using dynamic content plugins for the holders where the product data will be displayed and around those elements you have complete creative freedom.


It also offers many automation integrations, and through Smart Products, it offers to sell your digital products in any way you want (one-time, subscription, free, upsell/downsell), stock settings, blacklist score setting, trial options (for subscription only), and cross sell option.


Kajabi boasts their main advantage to be a compact and sufficient tool to manage your business, without the need for any extra tools.


So, if you’re reading this and thinking: I’ve already had success in my membership business and have the core processes covered, you might actually want features to help you supercharge your results.


Kajabi is an all-rounder that comes with its disadvantage of trying to cover too many bases with its feature selection, all the while keeping them on a basic level.


If you are a coaching entrepreneur who wants to level up your business from committed 6-figure cross that 7-figure mark, you are probably looking for some power features.


For example, mapping out the online journey of your potential coaching clients to increase their lifetime value. And Kyvio offers just that through its Smart Journey module.


An online customer journey is basically a strategic long term plan that helps your (potential) customers through the different phases of their needs. You do this by connecting your funnels (1 funnel offers 1 solution to 1 or more problems) together in a logical way based on user actions and behavior.


That way by strategizing your coaching business model you can fully understand the pains and needs of your clients and work towards keeping them as satisfied customers for a longer time. And thus massively increasing your customer LTV.


Breaking down the client journey using Kyvio and its Smart Journey module, you can align each step with an appropriate goal to maximize the client’s success.


With deep insightful data from the Kyvio modules such as Smart Memberships, Smart Funnels and Smart Products, you can restructure the touchpoints in essential steps that increase your chance to solve your customer’s problems and help them achieve long-term success.


Furthermore, your attention to detail needs to be greater than ever before. That’s why things like Kajabi’s less-than-advisable page load speed need to be on your radar when deciding.


Kyvio has and continues to invest great resources to maintain its load speed fastest among similar competitor tools.


Along those lines, having a clean UI has been proven to improve customer retention. Kyvio’s simple interface doesn’t overwhelm your customers, and makes their experience better.

As you contribute to your customers’ long-term success, that will inevitably translate into increased average lifetime value of your clients taking your business to a higher level.

Kajabi VS Kyvio For Your Business Scaling Activities

Kajabi appears to be an all-in-one course-building and promoting system, but not even in its higher tier does it offer significantly advanced features for long-term scaling.


Kyvio offers a much more encompassing set of modules to build funnels, products, and journeys, going past the sole purpose of offering courses for a true business-scaling solution.

Smart Journeys

Take control of the entire path of your membership site client - from the day they become aware of the problem you’re trying to solve until they become your students and long-term customers. Keep an overview of every step and action a customer makes while engaging with your business.

No journey mapping options

Apart from basic analytics and reporting, you won’t be able to have a bird-view overview nor information that you need to increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Smart Funnels

An easy-to-use platform to visually build and implement your funnels, all the while having powerful automations at your fingertips to show different funnels depending on the different needs of the customer. Smart Funnels offers you the fastest loading pages in the world, flat file, http/2 push technology, CDN hosted worldwide.

Sales Funnels Software

Basic pre-built funnel templates that also feature pre-written copy that Kajabi offers for you to use.

Smart Memberships

Extremely fast-loading membership sites to easily deliver your products to your clients. Get advanced information about your users by seamlessly integrating your membership sites into your smart journeys to learn more.

Membership Site

Membership sites that are made based on templates, with basic automations at hand to make the process faster.

Smart Products

Manage your products, deliveries, coupons and advanced reporting with this module. Use advanced checkout options to offer even more to your customers through upsell/cross sell and more. Easily integrate them into your Smart Funnels and Smart Journeys.


Kajabi’s Product Templates and online communities are the strongest features in the product sphere, giving them a well-polished look.

24/5 Support System In Place

Our ticketing system is covered by our support agents 24/5, with the possibility to get help on weekends during the day.

Support for High Tier Packages Only

Based on the shared experience of many ClickFunnels users, the support system is hard to access, especially on lower tier packages. There is a community forum which is usually crowdsourced (users register to get paid to answer questions).

Connect Mailvio

Native integration with an email responder made by the same team that works seamlessly with Kyvio.

Integrated Simple Email Tool

Kajabi offers integrated email sender options, however without a lot of power-user options.

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