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Quick Ortto (AutopilotHQ)Review

Ortto (AutopilotHQ) is software designed for companies' and businesses' multi-channel automation needs. 


Here is the list of features:

  • Email automation

  • Lead capture

  • Contact management

  • Audience segmentation

  • Contact tagging

  • Multi-channel messages

  • 3rd party integrations

  • A/B testing

  • Auto-responders

  • Behavioral analytics

  • Drip campaigns

  • Event triggered actions

Essentially, with Ortto (AutopilotHQ), you can create online journeys that are focused around your email activities.


Trigger emails based on time, behavior and interest - like when a website visitor submits a demo request form or abandons your shopping cart without making a purchase. 


Ortto (AutopilotHQ) helps marketers communicate with their audience, transforming leads into customers and customers into repeat buyers and advocates. Build and manage email lists and design intuitive email campaigns with fully-customizable email templates.



Kyvio vs Ortto (AutopilotHQ)

So, how do these two compare? 


Both solutions are trustworthy as they have been building their authority through years of experience in the market. Kyvio’s first iteration has been around for 5 years and then in February 2022 Kyvio brought us Kyvio 2 - a full pivot into online user journeys (Smart journeys) that allows you to create online customer journeys that adapt to the behavior of your prospects and customers to provide the right funnel (= solution) at the time they need it the most.


AutopilotHQ has also been around for a good number of years before rebranding to Ortto in 2022, launching a new platform.  Ortto (AutopilotHQ) is now fully focused on email journeys and automations. 


The two power solutions have a lot in common but the differences might be just what makes or breaks your business.


Although Ortto (AutopilotHQ) prides itself to be an “all-in-one” marketing platform, you’ll still find it annoying that you need to complement it with other tools that will definitely increase effort and the already high price range. 


Both Ortto and Kyvio are journey builders, however, Ortto's online builder solution is heavily focused on email. 


On the other hand, Kyvio focused their online journeys around funnels and connecting them based on people's behavior, all the while offering you a full integration with your favorite email marketing tools. This way, Kyvio offers funnel-based online journeys that work hand in hand with your email sequences.


Ortto (AutopilotHQ) will allow you to send emails to your clients and manage email automations, however, it lacks a number of features that Kyvio already has integrated. 


Features such as: :


  • Building incredibly fast-loading funnel pages
  • Sales funnels, webinar funnels, lead gen funnels, product launch funnels, custom funnels & import existing funnels!
  • Membership sites
  • As well as easily collecting emails and leads (and sending them to your favorite email marketing tool)


Because Ortto (AutopilotHQ) does not handle funnel building, it also lacks Kyvio’s integrated payment processing feature which is an extremely powerful feature.

In a nutshell, if you are looking to build your online customer journeys around email communication Ortto might be your best bet. However, if you want to build your online customer journeys around solutions that you offer your customers when they need it and use funnels to sell your solutions - then Kyvio is the way to go.

Kyvio vs Ortto (AutopilotHQ) Features

Autopilot might be an all-in-one system, but this comes with a very expensive price tag. Kyvio provides most of the same functions (and more flexibility too)

Smart Journeys

Adaptive customer journey module is here. Automate the entire customer journey from beginning to end. Make an online journey based on specific conditions that will send people one way or the other in your journey serving them the best possible next step.


The visual canvas will let you create intuitive and visual journeys. Speak to *every* customer, make your *every* step of the journey personalized and contextual.


Smart journey emulator will allow you to predict journey results with up to 5 scenarios and never fall in blind guessing again. 


With Journey Emulator you can identify the steps where your customers bail and improve on the fly.

Customer Journeys

Ortto’s customer journeys are all about your email marketing activities. 


They are mostly triggered based on specific actions performed on emails (opens, reads, unreads, etc.) and the steps in the journey are created around emails and SMS.


It does not cover the funnels, nor the logic behind the funnels and is, for its limited features, not suitable if you’re looking to build some logic around your funnels.


It also lacks the journey emulator module, so you can exclusively work on live online journeys directly without testing the journeys first in the emulator.

Smart Funnels

User-friendly dashboard to visually build and implement your funnels, all the while having powerful automations at your fingertips.


Not to mention that the pages are the fastest loading pages in the world, flat file, http/2 Push technology to serve them lightning fast everywhere in the world.

Email funnels only

Marketing funnels that heavily rely on email actions and tagging.

Drag & Drop page builder

Kyvio has a very intuitive drag & drop builder that allows you to create beautifully-looking and fast-loading pages in seconds. You can also choose a template that suits your needs from a template pool.

No page builder

Ortto (AutopilotHQ) does have a lead magnet widget that you can integrate on your page, but not a page builder per se.

Smart Products

Easily keep track of your deliveries, coupons and products with this module. You will also get advanced reporting with this module and seamless integration of all your products into your Smart Funnels and Smart Journeys.


Ortto doesn’t have a module that will allow you to create products and keep track of how they perform. It is, however, possible to tag a discount code within the email and monitor clicks, so your next moves are based on tag performance.

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