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Quick SendOwl Review

SendOwl is an eCommerce platform that offers responsive checkouts, swift deliveries, fraud buyers filters, pre-checkout & post payment upsells, and more.

  • Email Marketing

  • Promotions Management

  • Messaging

  • Buy Buttons

  • Flexible Payment Options

  • Digital Products

  • Memberships

  • Reporting

  • API

  • Affiliate marketing

  • 1-click Upsells

  • Custom Branding

SendOwl is an all-in-one solution designed to help creators successfully sell and deliver audiobooks, e-books, photography, software, memberships, event tickets, online courses, and more.


SendOwl is designed to support creators and smaller businesses. Take advantage of a single feature, or bundle them together.


SendOwl allows you to sell digital goods online.  It connects with the payment provider so you get paid and it automatically delivers the files to the buyers once payment has completed. 



Kyvio vs SendOwl

Kyvio is a highly efficient marketing tool created to give you insight about your customers behavior, improve actions and help you scale your business.


On the other hand, SendOwl is a platform for selling digital (and some physical) products, but it will fall short to meet your expectations if you’re looking to improve your funnels and actions based on your clients’ behavior - because it simply lacks those functionalities.


If your business revolves around gated content or products, you’ll be pleased to know that Kyvio offers extremely fast-loading membership sites, completely integrated into the platform, and has easy-to-use but advanced options to deliver any type of digital product.


Kyvio offers 5 product delivery methods being:
1. File download (you can upload different files for each price variant in your products!)

2. Email delivery
3. Redirect URL
4. Webhook (Kyvio system sends a programmatic webhook to any system of your liking)

5 Membership creation inside Smart Memberships module


From landing page setup to transactional emails and product management, Kyvio will offer an insightful and speedy solution for your needs.


On the other hand, SendOwl doesn’t offer this functionality within the platform and has decided to bridge that gap by integrating with S2Member, Wishlist Member, and MemberMouse. This might be enough to cover the needs of a number of their users, but platforms like Kyvio Smart Memberships (a.k.a. Membervio) Teachable or MemberPress are badly missing from that list.

What about selling free products?

Imagine that you’d like to give away a product for free and track how it’s performing. SendOwl’s minimum list price is 1.00 USD on the free plan. Be aware that, even on the free plan, there’s a 0.25 USD fee per sale.


On Kyvio you can go ahead and create a free product directly:

Both SendOwl and Kyvio cover everything from discounts and coupons, to bumps offers and upsells. Only slightly more delighted with Kyvio’s new feature to protect buyers from buying two times accidentally in a 1-click upsell.


Users find SendOwl’s pricing steep for the features it offers. They say the platform doesn’t offer the most advanced upsell capabilities or customization options, as well as that the cart itself is not the most advanced option on the market. What’s more, the basic version doesn’t really offer you (almost) any value.


While SendOwl doesn’t really feel like a feature-packed solution to help you skyrocket your business, it looks just fine if you are just making your entrance into the selling online world.


If you’re just starting out in a business world and want to learn how to sell some products online, SendOwl might be a good option for you. Although many call its interface “too basic”, we find it worth trying if you’re not looking for premium services and are just starting out.


Kyvio, on the other hand, offers premium services that will allow you to supercharge your results. How does Kyvio do it?

With its Smart Funnels, Smart Products, and Smart Journey modules, Kyvio allows its users to make sense of how their visitors and clients behave and predict their behavior based on advanced logic.


If you’re already at the point where you have results and success with selling products and would like to opt for premium features to bring your business from 7 to 8-figures, Kyvio is your go-to tool.


The Smart Journey module is powered by a Journey Emulator where you can predict journey results with up to 5 different scenarios. It allows you to draw every step of the journey and understand your clients better.


Customizing the experience of each customer by serving them a unique journey through all you have to offer is essential in your business, and is what allows your business to scale.

SendOwl vs Kyvio for your online marketing business

Autopilot might be an all-in-one system, but this comes with a very expensive price tag.  Kyvio provides most of the same functions (and more flexibility too)

Smart Journeys

Adaptive online customer journey module is here. Automate the entire customer journey from beginning to end. Make an online journey based on specific conditions that will send people one way or the other in your journey serving them the best possible next step.


The visual canvas will let you create intuitive and visual journeys. Speak to *every* customer, make your *every* step of the journey personalized and contextual.


Smart journey emulator will allow you to predict journey results with up to 5 scenarios and never fall in blind guessing again. 


With Journey Emulator you can identify the steps where your customers bail and improve on the fly.


SendOwl lacks the customer journeys module and doesn’t offer the option to create online journeys based on specific conditions.


The journey emulator, logically, is also not available so sometimes it does seem like we’re blind guessing what our customers’ next steps are going to be.

Smart Funnels

Easy to use platform to visually build and implement your funnels, all the while having powerful automations at your fingertips to show different funnels depending on the different needs of the customer.


Not to mention that the pages are the fastest loading pages in the world, flat file, http/2 Push technology to serve them lightning fast everywhere in the world.


SendOwl lacks the smart funnels module as well. However, you can easily integrate SendOwl in your already existing marketing funnel, so you will need to search for that option in some other tools.

Smart Products

Easily keep track of your deliveries, coupons and products with this module. You will also get advanced reporting with this module and seamless integration of all your products into your Smart Funnels and Smart Journeys.


SendOwl’s product setup is a great basic feature, if you’re just starting up!

Smart Membership Sites

Extremely fast loading membership sites to easily deliver your products to your clients. Get advanced information about your users by seamlessly integrating your membership sites into your smart journeys to learn more.

Membership Sites

SendOwl integrates natively with just a few membership sites and platforms and their users find the list to be too scarce. It has, however, a number of different integrations with Zapier.

24/5 Support System In Place

Our ticketing system is covered by our support agents 24/5, with the possibility to get help on weekends during the day. Kyvio also has an active Facebook group where people share strategies and business advice (not a support group)

24/7 Support System In Place

SendOwl has no emergency support such as live chat or phone support. It also lacks a Facebook community group where you could share your doubts.

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