Online Behavioral Marketing Automation Made Easy

Massively increase your customer lifetime value (LTV)

Boost conversions by offering solutions at the right time

Easily build sequences with drag-and-drop user interface

Built-in Emotional Acceptance & Problem Relevance model

Predict customer journey results with up to 5 scenarions.

Integrate with SmartFunnels, SmartProducts, and vio products

Go far beyond email marketing sequences

Create logical & adaptive sequences for all your online assets. Email, funnels, campaign websites and more!

Deliver simple or complex sequences to increase sales, build customer loyalty, or drive the results.

Seamless compatibility

Integrate & work with your existing funnels, sites, email auto-responder tools, and many more!

That said, we of course strongly recommend our perfect and frictionless integration with Smart Funnels & Smart Products to quickly build out your funnels on the fastest page speed funnel builder in the world and easily integrate your product delivery and checkout experience with over 10 supported payment gateways!

Better Engagement

Run our unique Journey Emulator to stop the guessing and create your success/fail scenarios for your funnels & journeys

Iterate quickly if you are not getting the desired results. What doesn't get measured, doesn't get improved!

Free webinar

Discover how the Unified Funnel Strategy can help you build the perfect customer journey

In this webinar, you will be able to learn how to set up a personalized customer journey that delivers market-driven insights to boost your sales, conversions, and customer lifetime value.

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All Smart Journey Features

Journey Logic Execution

Don't just design your journey our software will execute the logic you setup 100% automatically on all Kyvio hosted pages or via a javascript tag or special short link for pages hosted anywhere else.

Journey Guide

Create a flexible guide grid to apply emotional acceptance models (for funnels) and problem relevance models (business lifecycles)  guides to make your journey design easier and stronger.

Journey Emulator

Create 1 or more scenarios and set conversion rates, visitor numbers etc and see how your journey will perform in that scenario in terms of revenue, profit and leads generated.

Journey Action Nodes

Start email sequence in your favorite Email platform, set or remove tags to visitors to be used later in conditional nodes, set (lead) scores, multi-armed bandit split test (aka continuous split tests) and more advanced webhook actions executed when you want in your journey.

Journey Conditional Nodes

The basis of the adaptive journey functionality. Set conditions in your journey to send your prospects or customers different routes in your journey and make your journey adapt to the needs and wants of your audience! If a tag is set, send them to route A, else route B. If the score is equal, lower than, or higher than X, send them to route A, otherwise to route B. Simple rules but extremely powerful results!

Export Your Journeys

Export your journey and share it with another Kyvio user, perfect for agencies. And export your journey as a PDF to get approval or share it in any meeting to discuss the journey!

Clone Journeys

Are you experimenting or do multiple people have different ideas they want to work out? Clone a journey so each can build out their ideas.

Merge Journeys Together

Create multiple journeys to experiment with small parts of the main journey separately and then merge them later into the main journey.



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