The easiest to start and highly profitable business model on the Internet!

Build the way you want. Unprecedented freedom in creating the design of your membership site and members area.

Zero transaction fees (except standard fees from chosen payment gateway - not applicable for Kyvio Free Forever).

Freedom of not being locked in. Import members, export members. Easy to migrate, easy to backup

Customize all transactional emails (and use our high deliverability servers to send them!).

Protect your members area against black hatters.

Share your products, modules and lessons publicly or privately to offer DFY membership site creation!

10 payment gateway integrations.

Member activity log, worksheet submission and progress indicator.

Drip feeding, lesson sequence settings and access expiration settings.

Lesson discussion feature for member community builder.

Build your perfect membership area

Many membership site builders have very limited options to customize the look & feel of your member’s area. Kyvio Smart Memberships allows you to fully customize your members' area inside our drag & drop editor.

All the parts of the membership that are dynamic are managed with plugins you can move and place anywhere you like and of course adjust the styling to make it fit perfectly into your member area design.

You don’t need to build from scratch though! We have many excellent, and of course fully responsive, templates for you to get started with.

A successful membership site is about how much content your members consume

The secret to a successful membership business is

not (just) about how many memberships you sell. It is about how much your members actually consume your content and thus enrich their lives/businesses!

And thus we at Kyvio have built a ton of features to keep track of your member’s activities, and engagement and help increase this. Our main focus of adding new features is also around this subject of helping you help your members consume your content!


  • Lesson drip feeding - don’t overwhelm your members with too much content.

  • Lesson expiration - add some scarcity to your content to make sure members don’t slack off and delay and delay.

  • Lesson sequences - must finish lesson A to get started with lesson B to keep members on track.

  • Lesson discussion feature - create a community. There’s nothing like the feeling of belonging to a community for people to consume and keep coming back.

  • Easily access the content from any device.

  • Super fast loading pages with Kyvio’s Warp Engine Technology.

Easily and quickly setup your member products and content

The member’s area architecture is divided into products, each member can have access to a product or not as per your configurations and what the member bought. A product is divided into modules and modules are divided into lessons. 

You can ALSO add digital products (e.g. secure file download).

Creating your product architecture and lesson content is a breeze. We have included features to clone each part to quickly get started and copy parts instead of creating each from scratch.
You can order everything by dragging & dropping and have fine controls over each lesson if you desire so.

Each lesson’s content again is draggable and is a matter of adding content blocks that can be rich text (including video of course), file download, Worksheets (quizzes), and custom HTML/JS content.

All Smart Memberships Features

Membership Setup Guide

Setup all important settings in a simple 5-step guide to make sure your membership site functions as one would expect.

Quick Overview Dashboard

All registered members, active members in the last 30 days, total revenue per currency, member progress and top 10 most active members.

Product Selection

You can have many products inside Kyvio you can easily select which ones to include in your membership site. Both digital products and of course the special membership products.

Theme & Page Manager

Select your theme, add as many pages as you want and design your membership site as you want it. Our membership site builder is super flexible. The dynamic content blocks are managed with plugins you can move around at will and add any static content and design around as you see fit!

Member Manager

Control to which products each member has access, see their worksheets, check their progress, their activity list and see their transactions.

Export Members

Export your member list to CSV files. It is your members so you own that list.

Import Members

Quickly import a list of members from csv files from any source that you own.

Membership Site Security Settings

Disable right mouse click, disable text selection, and IP access protection settings to minimize blackhatters stealing your content.

Share Membership Site

You can share the whole membership site with all its products and content with 1 Kyvian or publicly. Perfect for agencies or client work!

Reports & Stats

Statistics per product, visitors by location, visitors by device, traffic sources visitor log and more.

Google Recaptcha Integration

This will prevent bots from scraping your content. We use the newest version of recaptcha that will not annoy your members with puzzles to solve or impossible letters to type into a box.



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