Sell & Deliver your Online Products in any way or form you choose

Kyvio checkout - selected deep Payment integrations with tons of extra features (Stripe, Paypal & Paddle).

1-click upsells with Kyvio Checkout.

4 product price variant types: Free, Onetime, Recurring and cross-sell (bump offer).

Multi-currency as supported by payment gateway integrations.

Set (free) trial for recurring products with custom period, set billing period and number of refills to execute.

Set limited availability or unlimited for your products with our ‘stock’ feature.

Powerful customer blacklist management.

Add product automations based on triggers including customer cart abandonment.

Choose any of our 4 product delivery methods (Email, URL, redirect, File download & Webhook).

Dashboard with the most important information such as orders per month, revenue generated for the last 12 months and most valuable customers.

Sell your products the way you want!

Smart Products gives you all the freedom to shape & sell your products or services exactly the way you want and you don’t need a Ph.D. to do it!

We support over 12 different payment gateways and more are being added. They are divided in ‘Kyvio Checkout’ supported gateways and the rest. The big difference is that Kyvio Checkout integrations support much more features such as coupons, direct refunds, more selling options and more.

Kyvio Checkout gateways: Stripe, Paypal, Paddle.

  • 1-click upsells for Kyvio Checkout*

  • Sell recurring, onetime, free and cross-sells (bump offers) products.

  • Set (free) trials, set trial length and set limited & unlimited number of refills.

  • Any currency supported by your chosen Payment gateway.

  • Set product stock limit or set it to unlimited.

  • Set up to 7 price variants per product.

  • Activate 1 or more payment gateways on the checkout page for Kyvio checkout and let the buyer choose their preference.

  • Create coupons with fixed discounts or percentage-based, and apply them to only the first payments, only refills or all payments. Set usage limits and begin and end dates (only for Kyvio Checkout).

    *Paypal - is not true 1-click but more 2 clicks. It always requires extra authentication from the buyer.

    Paddle - only supports 1-click upsells for one-time priced products on the frontend

Powerful Automations to deliver bonuses, fight churn and recover lost sales

  • Clone your products to quickly setup new ones.

    Powerful customer blacklist management. Set a blacklist score threshold to prevent bad customers from purchasing your products.

  • Set automation triggers: on purchase, missed subscription payment, subscription cancellation, refund processed, chargeback initiate and Abandoned checkout*

  • Set automations for multiple products, or select just 1 or more price variants of a Product.

  • Execute actions based on a trigger by adding a user to a webinar, adding them to an email sequence, giving the customer access to another product and adding or removing tags to the customer.


Need a trigger and/or action not mentioned? Just tell us and we're happy to put it on our list of to-dos.


*Abandoned checkout trigger only works for Kyvio checkout Stripe & Free products.


Secure product delivery the way you need it

Product delivery is just as important as selling the product of course. Hence Kyvio offers you various ways to deliver your product.

  • Deliver your product inside your Smart Membership member’s area with our unique auto-login button feature that allows buyers to securely auto-login to their member’s area with a click of a button w/o the need of waiting for their login email (and all the headache that comes with people missing that email).

  • 4-delivery methods: Email, URL redirect, File download and Webhook (KPDN; Kyvio Product Delivery Notification).

  • Choose from our 7 pre-written email delivery templates and edit them based on your needs, Includes spam score testing and previewing and sending real test emails to yourself.

  • URL redirect (e.g. to a secret registration page) and File download advanced access protection against black hatters. Set how often a delivery URL can be accessed, set cookie protection and set country (IP-based) access protection.

  • Integrate Smart Products with your own system via webhook (KPDN), encrypted based on your set secret key and comes with full documentation, example code and feature to send realistic test KPDN’s for your devs to work with.

All Smart Products Features

Product Setup Guide

Set up a digital product or a membership site product with our easy-to-use 5-step guide. This way you won't forget anything important.

Payment Platform Integrations

We integrate with Stripe, Paypal, Paddle, Digistore24, Clickbank, JVZoo, ThriveCart, Zaxaa, WSOPro & PayKickStart to handle your payments. *we're always looking to add more!

Many Payment Options

Depending on what is supported by your selected payment platform we offer subscriptions, trials, one-time payment, free, bump offers (cross-sell) and multiple price variants for each product each with its own delivery settings!

Smart Products Dashboard

Get a quick overview of the most important data! Orders this week, this month, total revenue per currency & 10 most valuable customers of all time, per month or per year.

Customer Denylist Score

Each customer who buys any products on the Kyvio platform and who does a chargeback gets 3 points and each refund is 1 point. You can set a max number of points and if a customer has higher points he/she will be denied your product. 

Product Stock Management

Set how many items you can sell and if the stock runs out the product will become unavailable.

Coupon Codes

This feature is only available for Kyvio Checkout. Create discount coupon codes that your customers can use on the checkout page. Either offer percentage discounts or fixed amounts.

Order Management

View all orders, export orders to csv file, order management (refund, cancel subscriptions, etc.) - only for Kyvio Checkout experience and of course view all order details.

Clone a Product

Quickly need a similar product but don't want to waste time setting it up from scratch? Just clone the product and only update the settings that are different!

Share a Product

Set up a product and share with 1 person or share it publicly. Perfect for agencies or for client work!

Product Automations

Set up special actions that get executed based on events like product purchases, subscription bills, subscription cancellations, refunds, etc. Actions like add or remove to email list, add or remove to webinar and much more!

Product Delivery

We offer 5 ways for product delivery: email, redirect URL (with anti-blackhat protection), file download (with anti-blackhat protection), Webhook and Smart Membership access.

Instant Login Membership Product Access

A unique feature that lets recent buyers login to their just purchased membership site product without the need for waiting for their username & password! Happier customers, fewer support tickets about not receiving their logins.

Membership Product Management

It's never been easier to setup membership products, either just simple digital downloads or products with modules and lessons with rich content. Add rich text, embed videos, add file downloads and set worksheets to test your member's what they have learned.

Lesson Settings

Drip feed content, set lessons to expire, set lessons locked to be unlocked by completing previous lessons. Turn on lesson comments & questions and set who can view and access them. It's all under your control!

Share Module or Lesson

Share whole membership modules or just a single lesson and its content with 1 Kyvian or publicly. Perfect for agencies and client work.

Share Membership Site

You can share a complete membership site with 1 Kyvian or publicly. Perfect for agencies and client work.

Clone Lessons

Quickly want to create a new lesson based on the content of an existing lesson? Just clone it with the click of a button make your changes and you are done!

Drag & Drop Order of Modules & Lessons

Just drag & drop the order of your products, your modules and the content items inside your lessons to set the order in how they are displayed. 



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