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The Kyvio Team

The Kyvio Team has your back! We understand that as a platform you use our services to run YOUR business so any failure of our services or downtime is not acceptable.

This is why we decoupled the hosting and 99% of the functionality of your sites & funnels from any code failure and we host your pages on one of the world’s fastest and most reliable CDN’s… Google’s cloud services.

On top of that, we protect all your pages, cache your pages and further speed it up using Stackpath’s services. This includes top-of-the-line WAF (Web Firewall DDOS protection and BOT protection).

If we F*ck up and our application goes offline for a moment, your published pages will not be affected and stay online.

Want to know our uptime, ping response time and more?
Click here to see Kyvio’s status page for all our services

The Team

Dawn Marie Caceres

VA/HR Manager

Dragan Plushkovski

Affiliate Manager

Nikola Dishlijeski

Launch Manager

Konstantin Djima

Marketing Support Agent

Vladimir Vasilevski

Content Writer

Cristian Toader

Product/ Tool Creator

Adrian Ene

Launch Team BE Developer

Jayesh Anandani

Frontend Developer

Vishal Dave

Backend Developer

Utsav Shrestha

Backend Developer

Stefan Gulicoski

Head of Quality Assurance / Technical Project Manager

Marvin Antalan

Mailvio Master /

Senior Support Agent

Irish Sabio

Mailvio Support Agent

Sabin Timsina

Support Agent

Eymard Deocampo

Support Agent

Bilal Khan

Support Agent

Viktor Cikarovski

Head of Support Team

Vasko Naumoski

Head of Design Team

Stole Velkovski

Video Editor

Ilija Mechkaroski

Graphic Designer

Emilija Shikoska Ojleska

Graphic Designer

Charlson Gueverra

Customer Success Manager


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Kyvio Founders

CTO and Co-founder

CEO and Co-founder